HEOSafe® Serrure supplémentaire pour Carado, SunLight 2013-2023 ( exceptè modèle 2024 ) et pour Etrusco, Glücksmobil jusqu'a 2019
Not fit V-Serie

HEOSafe® Additional lock package for Carado, SunLight 2013-... and Etrusco, Glücksmobil till 2019

The security lock 1958 is completely integrated in the door coverage. Therefore, we don’t deliver only the security lock but also a jig for the drill holes, the part to put underneath the lock and the new door coverage so that it all fits perfectly.


• Remove the small coverage which is on the screw of the inner door handle.
• Unbolt the screw at the inner door handle.
• Remove the door handle.
• Take away the door coverage.
• Take the jig which is enclosed in the delivery package, mark the drill holes and first drill with a smaller drill bit of 6 mm completely through and then continue with the 12 mm for the screws and the 20 mm bit for the grief stem from the outside. By preference use therefore a step drill bit.
• Take the grief stem and shorten it up to 34 / 35 mm.The length of the grief stem should not be longer then the small driver pins on the locking plate. It should flush with the driver pins. • Put the cylinder part on the outside.
• Remove the 2 screws of the security lock. Remove the basic plate.
• Now assemble the part with the drill holes and mount it underneath the basic plate. Use the screw 4 x M5 x 55 mm which are in the delivery package.
• Fix the lock part with the turning knob on the basic plate again.
• Push the new door coverage part in its place.
• Screw the door handle in its position again.
• Then put the lock plate on the inner frame in the correct position and fix it with the delivered screws (2 x 3,9 x 60 mm).
• Put the label on the inner coverage of the door.

Have a look at: HEOSystem 12656-1951

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