HEOSafe® Door Frame Lock: additional lock with mounting plate for the assembly at door frames, service hatches and garage doors

HEOSafe® Door Frame Lock 1750: External lock with mounting plate.

One-key system upto 5 locks

This lock is suited for the mounting on frames of doors, hatches, side and rear garage doors, independent whether they are locking left/ right or opening downwards and upwards.


• Simply lock and unlock the security Door Frame Lock with the key.
Lock and unlock the door with the key by turning the lock system for 180 °. The key can be removed in this position too.
• Please only use this lock from the outside. We sincerely recommend not to close the lock when you are inside your mobile home: emergency escape ways and doors should remain accessible.
• Always keep a key at hand!


• Disassemble the lock from the mounting plate: open the lock with the key, turn the lock part 90° (assembly position). Remove the 4 screws. In the assembly position the key cannot be removed.
• Assembly of the mounting plate, which you disassembled from the lock system, at the door frame. A gap of at least 5 mm between door/hatch and frame is needed.
• Mark all required drill holes on the frame with a pencil or hold the plate on the frame. Take care that the inner surface of the door, hatch or garage door is not damaged. Please choose the best suited 4 holes taking into account any furniture on the inside of the car.
Drill the holes using following drill bits
• For the fixation at the inner ridge of the from, pre-drill with a drill bit of Ø 2mm.
• For the fixation at the door frame itself, pre-drill with a drill bit of Ø 5,5mm.
• After pre-drilling remove the plate and whip away the bore chips. Shorten the screws for the frame mounting at the correct length with a metal saw and tighten the plate on the frame and at the ridge of the frame.
• Screw the covering part (the lock system) back on the mounting plate.
The HEOSafe® Door Frame Lock is now functioning.

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