Security lock for cabin doors: Ford Transit 2013 - ...
Turning knob: lockable with key

Assembly on the inner frame of the door

1 pair of locks (1 x left and 1 x right) with 4 keys + Additional part (bolt stop B-pillar)

Lockable, turning knob with cylinder lock

• Push the knob down and turn it to close or open the door.
• The turning knob blocks as soon as the lock is closed or unlocked completely.
• Turning the key fixes the current position of the turning knob: locked or unlocked.

• Position the lock at the inner frame of the door. The distance between the body of the lock and the B-pillar should be approx. 3 mm.
• At the height of the bolt, push the rubber seal between the B-pillar and the plastic cover.
• The lock, with the bolt turned completely out, should be positioned so that the bolt touches the plastic cover.
• Now mark carefully the drill holes.
• Remove the lock again, and drill the holes with a drill bit of 3,2 mm.
• Take a 4 mm Allen® key and fix the lock with the special sheet metal taping screws.
Übersetzung in GB:
• Beim neuen Transit-Modell 2019 kann bei der Montage ein Abstand zwischen Türrahmen und Schloss entstehen und dadurch die dritte Schraube nicht befestigt werden. In diesem Fall bitte Schraube absägen und als Blende (Zierschraube) in die vorgesehene Versenkung einkleben.

After finishing the assembly, close the door carefully and pay attention the HEOSafe® lock passes the rubber seal without any difficulty.

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