HEOSafe Security lock for cabin doors: Fiat Ducato 2006-2021, Peugeot Boxer, Citroën 2006 - 2023
Turning knob: lockable with key


• Push the knob down and turn it to close or open the door.
• The turning knob blocks as soon as the lock is closed or unlocked completely.
• Turning the key fixes the current position of the turning knob: locked or unlocked.


Fiat Ducato 250, Peugeot Boxer, Citroën Jumper / 2006-2014

• Lift the arm-rest and remove it.
• Screw off the screw with a TORX ® • Demount the basic plate from the complete assembled lock which we delivered. To avoid that any small parts (screws / compressions springs) to get lost, turn the knob out completely and press both parts (basic plate and the remaining lock part) together when you unfasten the two screws.
• Position the basic plate into the arm-rest and fix it with the supplied screw (using an Allen® 5 mm screw driver).
• Now position the remaining locking part on the basic plate and fix it on the plate with the two screws. Pay attention that the pen slides into the opening for the pen in the basic plate.
• Position the complete lock now into the arm-rest and drill a hole with a boring bit of 2 mm. fix the complete lock with the supplied screw into the arm-rest.
• At the position of the bolt barrel, push the rubber seal between the B pillar and the cover of the B pillar (frame).

Fiat Ducato 290 / 250 , Peugeot Boxer, Citroën Jumper / 2014 - …
Additional part for the assembly of the lock in the new FIAT DUCATO 290

At the height of the barrel, push the rubber seal at the B column between the edge profile and the plastic cover. Put the additional part at the correct position and screw it on to the plastic cover of the B column. If you close the lock and the barrel is not completely interlocked, than cut out the inner part of the additional part out of the plastic cover.
For a visually appealing finish, you can cut the rubber seal at the upper and bottom side of the outer frame of the additional part.
This part should also be applied for the DUCATO 250 produced from 2014 onwards. Even in the DUCATO 250 (2006-2013) you can use this part to enlarge the grip of the barrel when closing the lock. The only difference is, that you have to cut out the rubber seal completely to the border of the edge profile.
By cutting out the inner counter, the inner part where the barrel inserts becomes deeper so that the complete system obtains an even larger stability.

Assembly with REMIS IV sun screen.

• Cut out the printed jig (right or left as required).
• Position the jig at the frame of the REMIS IV. The two arrows on the jig should correspond with the two gaps in the arm-rest.
• Fix the jig by putting double-faced adhesive tape. Take care that you get a 90 ° angle between the upper edge of the jig and the frame.
• Cut out the indicated line on the jig, using a Dremel® • Remove the arm-rest after cutting and continue the assembly as described.

After finishing the assembly, close the door carefully and pay attention the lock passes the rubber seal without any difficulty.

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