Security lock for cabin doors: Fiat Ducato 244, Peugeot Boxer, Citroën: constructed between 2002 - 2006.
Turning knob: lockable with key

Assembly with the screws of the door handle

1 pair of locks (1 x left and 1 x right) with 4 keys

Lockable, turning knob with cylinder lock


• Push the knob down and turn it to close or open the door.
• The turning knob blocks as soon as the lock is closed or unlocked completely.
• Turning the key fixes the current position of the turning knob: locked or unlocked.

• Remove the screws from the door handle with a Torx® TX 30.
• Position the lock between the door frame and door handle.
• Tighten the screws again.

After finishing the assembly, close the door carefully and pay attention the HEOSafe® lock passes the rubber seal without any difficulty.
If the distance is only very small or if the rubber seal is even pushed inwards, the seal can be damaged between the door frame and lock.
This should be avoided and following measures should be taken:
• Check if the rubber seal has been positioned correctly.
• If the rubber seal is correctly on its place, remove the seal from the frame and bent at the height of the lock the metal frame inwards by using a pair of pincers. The rubber seal is relocated and can no longer be damaged.
• If the bolt can’t be closed or if the distance between bolt and B-pillar is too large, the door needs to be adjusted.

In the contents of delivery you find an additional rubber seal. For the cabin’s driver Fiat Ducato 244 constructed from 2005 onwards, it can be possible that there is a double rubber seal. In this case continue as follows by using the additional parts:
• Before mounting the HEOSafe® lock, cut out the double rubber seal carefully at the height of the place where the lock will be about 70 mm of til you reach the rubber profile (picture 1).
• Push into the empty space the rubber stopper (at the top and bottom – picture 2/3).
• Glue the rubber seal onto the rubber profile (picture 4/5).
Glue ist not included in the contents. We recommend to you special rubber or universal glue.