HEOSwater connector ® tank cap for all filler plugs with bayonet lock

HEOSwater connector ®- filling up the water tank: simple, hygienical and quick

The as-delivered condition of the HEOSwater connector ®universal tank cap makes it suitable for all current filler plugs with bayonet lock (Ø 77 mm).
The scope of delivery of the new HEOSwater connector ®universal contains 2 additional components. It allows you to use the cap for tanks with smaller filler plug e.g. Dethleffs, LMC, TEC constructed from 2010 onwards (Ø 67 mm) or for other suppliers using the same plug, as well as for all water tanks with or without overflow.
With the enclosed flat rubber seal the HEOSwater connector ®universal is also but only applicable for water tanks with overflow.
Changing the seal through the additional ring makes the HEOSwater connector ®universal suited for filler plugs with smaller diameter (cap +/- 67 mm).

For changing the installed ring component (67 mm), push the HEOSwater connector ®universal tank cap inside and turn it. Then remove the component carefully with a small and flat screwdriver the ring and push the other ring inside.

The flexible seal surface of the cap avoids any overpressure in the water tank. Just the slightest overpressure opens the HEOSwater connector ®universal automatically and the air/ water escapes through the filler plugs.

Please note that our HEOSwater connector ®universal does not automatically stops when the water tank is full.

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