HEOSafe® VAN inside lock for sliding doors of Fiat Ducato 250 / 290 from 2006 - …

Instruction for use:

  • To lock the sliding door, push the knob forwards: the door is secured with HEOsafe.
  • To unlock and also to open the sliding door, push the knob backwards.

Assembly instructions:

  • Screw off and remove the inside turning knob of the sliding door (image 1). Replace it with HEOSafe® turning knob (image 2a and image 2b).
  • Screw off the security screw of the lock (image 3) and replace it with the supplied cheese-head screw (image 4). Around the lock, under the plastic cover, place and press the rubber seal (image 5).
  • Push and position the lock on the frame, pushing the seal (in open position) so that the knob lever rests on the red spacer of the lock and the cheese-head of the new screw fits inside without touching the rims or the clevis (image 6a; 6b). If needed, adjust the screw.
  • For the lock legs, mark the area from the plastic cover on the pillar (image 7a; 7b) and drill a hole with a Ø 12 mm boring bit or draw only a semi-circle (image 8). Position the lock part and fix it, then close the sliding door carefully.
  • The turning knob and the cheese-head screw should not interfere with the lock, they should interlock. If needed, adjust the lock and reposition (image 6a; 6b).
  • Pushing the knob forwards to check the lock is operational.
  • If everything is OK, open the sliding door, on the B-pillar, draw or mark fixing holes of the lock (image 9a; image 9b), drill a hole with a Ø 3,2 mm boring bit (image 10) and fix the complete lock using the supplied self-drilling screws (Grease the screws). Fix it (image 11a; 11b).
  • Recheck that the lock is operational.
  • Additionally, fix the plastic cover using two screws. We recommend drilling pre-holes with a Ø 2 mm drill (image 12a; 12b).
  • Fix the cheese-headed screws so that there is an interspace of around 2 mm between the clevis and lower part of the screw (image 13).
  • Finally, fix the screw and counter fasten the nut (image 14).
  • If at the B-pillar, there is a side bar of a bug screen mounted, then you may fix the lock on this bar or you may cut out the indicated lines of the lock from the frame.
  • Before moving forward with this assembly, check that this option is possible.