HEOSafe® VAN Security: additional lock for sliding, wing and rear doors. Available colors: white (W), grey-silver (G) or black (S)

Special lock to secure the sliding, wing and rear doors.

Our door lock Art. 1760, HEOSafe® VAN Security, consists of 1 unit, which is attached to one side of the body and thus prevents the opening of a door (sliding doors).

We have no additional parts on the opposite side to attach or secure when the body is twisted.

We use a large bracket with a smaller bracket, which secures the doors to minimize leverage. The distances between the lock and the body are also kept to a minimum.


  • The lock can only be operated with the key.
  • The lock is unlocked with the key and then rotated 180°.
  • The key can only be removed in the open or closed position.
  • Always keep a key with you.


  • Unlock the key lock and turn 90°. This position is the assembly position. The key cannot be removed in this position.
  • Mark the 4 holes with a pencil. To do this, it is best to hold the plate lock in the place selected for installation.
  • For the sliding door, the lock is attached to the side wall next to the sliding door (preferably about 10 cm above the guide rail). Before proceeding, please check that the sliding door opens correctly using the lock when it is fully open, without touching the interior panels.
  • In the case of the folding door, mount the lock on the side of the door that can be locked from the inside.
  • Drill holes with a 3.20 mm drill bit.
  • Grease the holes; attach the rubber gasket over the holes.
  • Use a 4 mm hex key to secure the lock using the special sheet metal screws provided.
  • When opening the sliding door, pay attention to the key and make sure that you remove it so that the door does not break the key!