About us

your partner for security on the road for more than 20 years.


2000: the world exhibition was held in Germany for the first time, the Olympic Games in Sydney enhanced the whole world and … in Gummersbach a new company was born: HEOSolution, with the objective target to supply the camping sector with high quality products as not seen yet before but being distressingly missed by mobile travellers.

Being enthusiastic mobile home travellers themselves, they quickly noticed the requirement and necessity for solid and secure additional locks for mobile homes and caravans. After intensive research, work and development the first Fiat Ducato left the factory with perfectly secured driver’s cabin doors.
In October 2001 Oskar Kubesh – now sole proprietor – presented the HEOSolution security locks during the Caravan Salon in Düsseldorf and awoke great interest. Trade journals embraced the opportunity to make rigorous tests with the locks which HEOSolution passed with flying colours.
This set the ball rolling and after 2 years you could find all HEOSafe locks in all catalogues of notable wholesalers abroad and at home. A keen competition of the HEOSafe products with the major manufacturers in the sector was successfully concluded.

The formula of success with the components: highest quality, simple assembly and flexible solutions keep the costs for the customers under control but on the other hand offers the ultimate extent of security.

2006 HEOSolution moves to Haldenwang (administrative district of Günzburg). Here the great variety of products finds a short storage time in the high racks, giving on the other hand the necessary peace for new developments and designs.
The established products are being improved, production processes are optimized and the one-key-system is being developed.

The guideline of HEOSolution remains: „if we secure the vehicules of our customer successfully against theft, than we achieved our aim”.
The current satisfaction of the partners and the continuous test results in trade journals still confirm as ever the in 2019 the HEOSolution products fulfil the highest requirements and standards.