Heosystem Product
Code 12656+1951: HEOSystem package, 1 key system

Article: 12656+1951

Price: 299,00 €/set

HEOSystem: the perfect solution for the assembly of various HEOSafe ® locks.
1 Key system for your chosen package of security locks for the driver’s cabin in combination with additional locks for external doors, hatches, garage doors or side doors, wing doors of craftsman’s, shop and trading vehicles or just a combination of locks for your mobile home and caravan.

HEOSystem Package 12656-1951, 1 key system.
This package contains:

1x Code 12656 HEOSafe Fiat Ducato 250 / 290 (2 locks for the driver’s cabin (L+R)
1x Code 1951 (standard colour white) HEOSafe® additional lock.

For further details for use and assembly please see the information for each code:

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