HeoSled Product
HEOSled lighting®: tube length: 321 mm – 54 LED - 3,24 W
Article: 9054
Price: 79,00 €/piece

Suited for the awnings
Thule Omnistor Serie 5, 5003, 6200, 8000, 9200
Fiamma F45


• Easy and uncomplicated assembly in the housing of the awning. The lightning is mounted in the available profiles of the awning without any extra drilling.
• A permanent lighting without any restriction in using the awning.
• A simple, invisible wiring behind the awning.
• An economical consumption but strong lighting suited for reading too.


• Fix the lamp holder in the profile of the awning.
• Put the fixing component into the right opening of the awning and screw it tight with an Allen Key.
• After the wiring connect with a 12V power supply.


• Voltage: 10 – 15 V / 3,24 W
• Length of the tube: 321 mm • Material: Acrylic glass (2 mm), satin finished, waterproof.
• LED 54/LED 4.500 K .
• Optional: adjustable with dimmer 20 – 100 %.

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