HeoSafe Products
HEOSafe® VAN Security: additional lock for sliding, wing and rear doors,.
1 key system for 1 upto 2 locks.
available colors: white (W), grey-silver (G) or black (S)

Year of construction:
Article: 1760
Price: 79,00 

HEOSafe® Van Security 1760

Special lock to secure the sliding- , wing and rear doors.

Up to 2 locks with 1-key system


• The lock can only be used with the key.
• Unlock the VAN security lock with the key and turn it 180° so that you open the door.
• Only in the locked or unlocked position the key can be removed.
• Always keep a key at hand!

ASSEMBLY INSTRUCTIONS • Unlock the VAN security lock and turn it 90 °. This is the assembly position.In this position the key can't be removed.
• Mark the required drill holes. The best way to do this, is by holding the frame at the position where you want to mount the lock.
Please pay attention for the sliding door: the lock should be position about 10 cm above the rail. Please check before the drilling that the door passes the lock without any difficulties.
For the wing doors, the lock is mounted on the door part which you have to open from the inside.

• Drill the holes with a 3, 20 mm drill bit.
• Grease the holes and put the sponge rubber seals in place.
• Take a 4 mm Allen Key and screw the lock tight with the 4 special screws which are included in the delivery contents.

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