HeoSafe Products
Security lock for cabin doors: Ford Transit 2013 -
Turning knob: lockable with key
Year of construction: 2013 -
Article: 14656
Price: 149 €/pair
Assembly on the inner frame of the door

Code 14656 HEOSafe ® Ford Transit 2013-…

Security locks for the driver’s cabin doors – 1 pair of locks (left and right) – lockable, turning knob with cylinder lock.

HEOSafe ® 14656: Assembly at the doorframe

• Push the knob down and turn it to close or open the door.
• The turning knob blocks as soon as the lock is closed or unlocked completely.
• Turning the key fixes the current position of the turning knob: locked or unlocked

• Before starting the assembly push the rubber seal at the height of the lock underneath the plastic cover of pillar B.
• Position the lock at the inner frame of the door. The distance between the body of the lock and the B pillar should be approx. 3 mm.
• The lock, with the bolt turned completely out, should be positioned so that the bolt touches the plastic cover.
• Now mark carefully the drill holes.
• Remove the lock again, and drill the holes with a drill bit of 3,2 mm.
• Take a 4 mm Allen Key® and fix the lock with the special sheet metal taping screws. • For assembly pictures please click here: assembly pictures 1446

After finishing the assembly, close the door carefully and pay attention the HEOSafe ® Lock passes the rubber seal without any difficulty.

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