HeoSafe Products
HEOSafe® Replacement lock with door handle type POS for the systems: EUROP, FF and similar constructed locks
Year of construction:
Article: 1930
Price: 99 €/piece
• unlock the security cover
• pull the cover over the door lock and handle
• look the security cover


• Unscrew the screws of the existing lock from the inside (illustration 1)
• Remove the exterior lock
• Drill a 19 mm hole to attach the bow-type handle (a 6 mm diameter preliminary bore is recommended) at the corresponding site (illustration 2)
• Attach the outside and inside of the locks and screw them together (illustraion 3 and 4)
• Test the function with the door open.

REMARKS When the lock ist closed, you can not use either the lock nor the handle. Risk to be locked out!
Always keep a key at hand.

For any further information, we remain at your entire service: info@heosolution.de